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how you are doing. okay. thanks for watching us tonight, i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news report. breaking news tonight. fox news can in fact confirm that female dna was found on the boston bombing components. that leads them to wonder if the suspects had help. those look into the investigation say it's too early to draw any conclusions about the findings. and we are beginning to learn how long ago the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev started on the path to radical islam, and who was helping him along the way. and while his mother denies her son was being radicalized and she didn't notice changes in her son, the facts tonight tell a different story. two years ago russian authorities secretly reported a
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telephone conversation in which the older brother vaguely discussed jihad with his mother. and in another recording of a separate conversation the suspect's mother was caught talking to someone in russia who was under fbi investigation in an unrelated case. we already know that the fbi launched an inquiry into the older brother after russia filed a request with the u.s. government but the conversations with jihad and the fourth's recorded conversation of persons of interest remember only disclosed to investigators a few days ago. the questions were why would the russians withhold this crucial detail from the fbi? and in another development we are finally hearing from the man known at misha. the man they said was responsible for radicalizing the older brother. he said it started in 2009 and in cambridge. he said this person took his brain, he just brainwashed him
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completely. a reporter from the new york review said hisha, a 39-year-old, lives in an apartment complex with his elderly parents. he was a convert to islam and he had known the boston bombing suspect but he flatly denies any part in the bombing saying i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher, i would have made sure he never did anything like this. here's reaction to the latest developments on the case. former l.a. police detector mark furman and a fox news contributor. let's start with you, mark. cia had him on a watch list and the fbi interviewed the guy. the russians, they knew this guy, they had a tape of him and the mother. they were talking about jihad. why should any american, if i am in boston and this is my family member killed or maimed, i'm angry tonight that our government screwed this thing up
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and screwed it up royally. >> i think, sean, i think you are right. but i believe that the russians contacted our state department and it ultimately ended up in the boston office of the fbi. they went out and did what their protocols actually required, and they found, regardless of how good or how bad that investigation was and who did it. but that's not my biggest question. we can actually say that those things do happen, good or bad. but that interview, it nobody at that office remember that they had a request from russia to interview someone that they felt was an extremist? where was the agent, where was the clue? how was the case file routed, how come they couldn't retrieve it? how come nobody door knocked this guy's, the suspect's
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apartment, just days, maybe hours after the bombing just to eliminate some of the possibilities? >> bill, look, i'm the biggest supporter of law enforcement here. i'm not even sure if i'm angry at them, but if the russians had taken this guy and warned the american government a couple of times, cia had him on a watch list, and then we find out through michele bachmann, she went through the fbi training manuals and they have all been altered. all the training manuals, any references to jihad, islamic radicals have been removed since obama has been president. to what extent has that played a role, that we aren't allowed to look down that road anymore? >> sean, first of all, i agree with you that if, in fact, all these factors occurred, then the people who are victims and related to victims have the right to be very angry. bottom line is, though, let's peel it back to what happens in
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a case like this. the russians are on to chechnyan, no doubt about that. they don't have the same restrictions we in the united states, they do what they within to do. when they can identify somebody, how are we going to work it? we will call the investigative agency within the united states, the fbi, and tell them this guy was talking about terrorism. and the fbi, based on that's correct they know how to push the got tons. >> but the timeline is very close. they never followed up. he had an entire youtube channel with radical jihadist information on it. i would think even if you interviewed him it would certainly put him on the let's check in six months list and then you google him and you find his radical youtube page. >> you also have to make sure that you uphold the rights of people within the united states. >> all you have to do is google him. there's no violation of rights here. >> we aren't talking about
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rights. there's no rights. sean, there is no rights. this is law enforcement. law enforcement means that anything, any consensual contact, anything that can be seen from the public, heard or read from the public, it's up for grabs. but the biggest problem i have is did the fbi, and maybe mr. gavic can answer this. did the fbi pass this information on to the boston police department? because i will guarantee, regular street cops, street detectives, if they had this information, the bomb goes off, it looks like a homemade type, terrorist-type bomb, usually coming from the middle east or at least the technology, they would have pulled out anybody that had any bomb threats, anybody that was in possession of bomb material. >> what you really have to understand is they are compose of not only fbi but law enforcement in boston as well. boston pd, the state police.
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everybody is involved in this. and i think that to say that the russians overheard a conversation talking about jihad, i want to see the conversation. i want to have -- >> i'll tell you -- >> they do these things all the time. >> the associated press has the conversation. they are the ones saying it. nobody is disputing it. nobody has disputed that the russian government warned us about the older brother on numerous occasions. nobody is disputing that the fbi investigated him. and the other thing is nobody is denying that this was him on the youtube page with all these radical jihadists, including this australian imam that has been trying to insight them. >> but you have to pars out everything that the russians tell you in this case. >> the russians are trying to help us. >> sean, sean -- >> sean, i'm shocked that you
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think the russians are trying to help us. >> in this case they have the mother talking with the son about jihad and we didn't listen. >> so they say. so they say. i want to see this. >> here is what is frustrating. all you had to do is go on youtube and look at this kid's youtube video page and see one radical imam jihadist, one after another. >> sean, there's something else here. when you do a background investigation, certainly every law enforcement agency in this country, from the fbi all the way down to the rural law enforcement, you have photographs. you have booking photographs. in tamerlan's background investigation, the fbi had a book photo from 2009, front and side view. a dmv photo in their file.
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where is that file. and when they pulled the video and they saw sue suspects they believed were responsible for the bombing, they have no photographs. yet the file was somewhere in the fbi maze in boston or somewhere else and nobody could retrieve it and nobody could remember they talked to this kid w is the fbi agent that talked to him? how come we haven't seen him? and the very task force leader of this bombing, the agent in charge of that office in 2010, he came to that office and 2011 he was the agent in charge there. does he not remember anything to do with this possibility? >> all right. the ball was dropped. that's all there is to it. at this point i don't think there's any other conclusion. the worst part of this is that the training manuals for the fbi were off in this insane world of barack obama to remove any references to radical jihad
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efforts. that's not rooted in reality and not recognizing an enemy that are capable ever doing what these two did. and coming up, the president found time to attack members of his friends in the media. the white house correspondent dinner. i'm proud, i've never been to one in 20 years. and a doctor is caught on tape telling someone he wouldn't hold a baby if it survived an abortion. to brighten your day's jus. but reile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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>> the past weekend president obama took time oust his very busy golf schedule to share a few laughs with all his friends in the mainstream media at the white house correspondence dinner. he spent most of his time doing what he does best, taking cheap shots at republicans. take a look. >> i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012, but one thing they all agree on is they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities. and then look, call me self-centered, but i can think of one minority they could start with. >> hello. some folks still don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask?
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really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. in fact i'm taking my charm defensive on the road. a texas bash due. and a kentucky bluegrass concert with rand paul and a book burning with michele bachmann. and it's similar tell, we need to make progress on important issues. take the sequester. republicans fell in love with this thing and now they can't stop talking about how much they hate t it's like we are trapped in a taylor swift album. a few good lines. joining me with reaction and author a of of a book out this week, "is college worth it." mr. bennett is with us. i'm proud to announce i have never been to a white house washington correspondence dinner.
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both tom brokaw and barbara walters are critical recently of it. i don't mind the joking part, i don't care that they get together, but it seems that there's a nexus here, where the president, the media, hollywood converge. and i don't think we are -- they are getting anything done on behalf of the american people. it seems too close to me. >> it's very close. it's very close, sean. you are absolutely right. it's kind of the liberal establishment, all dressed up. i can't claim what you claimed. elaine and i have been to several white house correspondence dinners but we aren't going any more. we fell the air was a little close. you know where we were that night? we were at the catholic charities dinner. we think that was a better event. >> well, we are going to be hated, bill. let's be honest here. >> of course. you know what, when paul ryan came on the screen with his greetings, the audience burt into applause so we had a better
9:17 pm
evening with catholic charities and the cardinal than they had at the white house correspondence. >> this is what happens, you have the staffs of congressman and senators and their staffs and they are friends with everybody in congress and they are friends with the media andeu probably know better than i do. i have never lived in d.c. they go out to dinner, they have friends, they talk, and this is all the smoke-filled back room deals seem to be made. the american people don't have that access. is it a problem some. >> that's right. >> have we reached a tipping point? >> yes, it is a problem and the most important thing to a lot of people is to be seen with the right people with the right places with the right table. in washington someone comes up and shakes your hand they look at the other people around the table to see who you are with. it's getting too close.
9:18 pm
and a lot of people keep their own homes because they want to keep some separateness. >> i don't think many have got any pass like this president has. have questions on benghazi been raised and answered? >> that's right. >> these are basic problems we aren't getting a hold of here them seem to get a i way with it. why do you think that is? >> because there's no real objectivity. you do the surveys, you see what it is. it's like the university. it's 27-2 in terms of liberal identification. so that's there in washington. the odd thing is, sean, the president thinks he's getting a tough time from the press. he should talk to george w. bush, dan quayle, dick cheney, they will tell him what a tough time from the press is. >> i was surprised by a former education secretary writing a book "is college worth it." >> maybe, maybe not. we have some of the greatest
9:19 pm
colleges and universities. but at the same time it is true that many students go to college, spend 15 to $50,000 a year in tuition, halfway through half of them drop out, about 46% drop out. when they graduate, the class of 2011, for example, half of them are unemployed and half of that half is underemployed and they got a lot of debt. you have heard about the debt. it's now $1 trillion. the other thing is, when we measure it, and universities don't like us to measure it, they would prefer us to just work on the elementary and secondary schools, when we measure it, it does not seem that that much learning goes on in higher education. it's a shock to -- >> a lot of drinking though. >> a lot of drinking and shacking up. >> and games and things to do before football games. that's important. that's a right of passage. >> right of passage, but you don't have to spend $40,000 to do it. the question is is college worth it, it depends on why you are
9:20 pm
doing it, where you are going, why you are going. one of the interesting thing is the mismatch. people major in fields where there are no jobs and they are unemployed. parents kiss the kids at graduation you don't know if they are saying good-bye or your room in the basement is ready because there are no jobs in the economy. >> you think kids going to four year colleges, you think that's a mistake? >> yes, i do. some should go to two year colleges, some should work for a year, some should join the military. consider the options, before you get into that level of debt, think about what you are doing. a lot of great people have not graduated from college and contributed significantly to our country, and you know who they are. >> good to see you, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a hannity investigation, cold, hard evidence has been uncovered to prove the obama administration is encouraging illegal immigrants to go on food stamps. later on tonight -- >> let's say you want to labor, and they need it delivered before we got to the termination
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part of the procedure here, you know. then we would do things, we would not help. >> shocking undercover video. shows a doctor telling his patient that he would let her baby die if in fact the infant survived an abortion. we have that explosive tape and more coming up tonight here on hannity. so being an advertising spokesman i have to look my best on camera. whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... ...or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on it's these high-definition televisions i'll tell ya' they show every wrinkle. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. as soon as you feel it, weigh you down? try miralax.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." another example of where your hard earned tax dollars are going. the government wants a judicial watch through a freedom of information request. it shows the department of agriculture, they are working hand-in-hand with the mexican government, and get this, they are encouraging illegal immigrants to apply for food stamps. in other words, you pay for it. one of the revealing documents
9:26 pm
they obtained is a flyer pictured here in spanish. according to the report, the promotion of the food stamp program known as snap, the supplement nutrition assistance program, included a flyer provided to the mexican embassy by the usda, advising them they don't have to receive immigration stat us to get assistance. and you need not divulge information regarding your immigration status when seeking this benefit for your children. pretty unbelievable. joining me is the one and only noel nakpor. how are you? >> fine. >> we have one in five americans on food stamps. we have one in five american households on food stamps, 50 million americans. you tell me why illegal immigrants, people who didn't respect our laws and
9:27 pm
sovereignty. why our government is encouraging them to take money from the american taxpayers. >> if this was about illegal immigrants themselves getting welfare, you would have no argument from me. >> no, no, stop. they are encouraging people clearly who are in the country illegally to tap into the american taxpayer's pocket. it is totally combined. >> it is for the children. if you are illegal you cannot get food stamps period. you cannot get them. and you do have to declare your status. >> the government of the united states should not be rewarding and encouraging the american people coming into this country and paying money to people that did not respect our laws. >> you might not find the constitution convenient, but -- >> where in the constitution does it say. >> but if you are born here in illegals, then you are an american citizen. >> right. but this says you don't have to declare your immigrant status,
9:28 pm
which means it is geared toward illegals. >> you apply for your child. >> do you not get the whole thing? this is about buying votes. food stamps equals buying votes. you can act like it is not through but it is like paying politics -- >> illegals are going to get online and vote? >> when they are naturalized. >> california now wants to let noncitizens serve on juries. eric holder is saying amnesty is a civil right. tell me where it says that. >> going back to the constitution, not anybody's copy, if you are born in the united states to illegal, you are therefore eligible -- >> why do we have laws? wait a minute, our constitution is our rule of law. so we pass laws as designed by the constitution, and then we don't enforce them, and then our attorney general says it's a
9:29 pm
civil right to forgive them. >> they are using it as a lure. to help your children, field your children. food stamps is for the whole family. it's not just for the children. it's not for baby food. >> i don't think there'll eating calfier off the child's 450. >> and 50% of all americans, they are -- >> and children are americans. >> that's for the family. >> wait, wait. >> you don't know that they are americans because they are gearing this toward people that don't have to declare their immigration status. >> applicant has to declare it. >> excuse me, the applicant does not have to say it because what it says. >> it's the child. the parent is applying for the child f you think that's messy, that's fine, but it's fair. >> i would say it's borderline criminal. this is borderline criminal. this should be against the law. this is not -- >> a lawless administration that does not respect the constitution and the laws that were passed by congress and pass into law by previous president.
9:30 pm
>> it's actually not an obama thing. >> up next on hannity. >> let's say you went into lay pour, the membrane ruptured and you had to deliver before we goat to the termination part of the procedure. then we would not help him. >> a shock video. a doctor telling the patient he would lets her baby die if the baby survived an abortion. we always want to hear from you. log on to our special companion site on hannity live or on twitter. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪
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>> tonight we've come across some undercover video telling a doctor that he would not help an act vest's baby if it survived the procedure. and what happens if in fact the baby survives. we've blurred her face for privacy reasons. >> you know, legally we would be obligated to help it, you know,
9:35 pm
to survive. but, you know, it probably wouldn't. it's all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point. >> but would you make sure that it, like, it doesn't survive. >> obviously you are here for a certain procedure and your pregnancy were, let's say you went into labor, membranesruptud before we got to the termination part of the procedure. then we would do things, we would -- we would not help it. >> okay. >> we wouldn't intubate. >> okay. so you would make sure it didn't survive, help it. >> it would be a person, a terminal person in the hospital, let's say, who had cancer. you wouldn't do any extra procedures to help that person
9:36 pm
survive. like a do not resuscitate orders. we would do the same thing here. >> pretty unbelievable. when asked about his disturbing comments, the doctor told them he considered the activists terrorists. he would basically say he would murder that child, right? you won't get argue out of me. i'm pro-choice but that's an unexcusable video. if the baby were born alive, there's no excuse what the doctor said. >> we hear from a lot of pro choice people, their argument is the government does have a right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body do you feel agree with that? >> i do but that's a baby already alive so that's different. >> if you agree the government does not have the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body, that you agree with, right? >> i don't think it's the government, it's a woman and her doctor. >> one week before she is going to give birth, she doesn't have a right to tell dunk --
9:37 pm
>> if you want a abortion debate -- >> no, no, no. we ha live video, the of we have this incident. i'm asking you a question. does the government, one week before a woman is due to give birth, that child is viable, does the government have a right to say that child has a right to live? >> then i will give you a scenario in the following scenario -- >> no, no, answer this question first, julie. >> sean, yes, if the baby -- the baby will be in tremendous pane if it is born. doctor says the baby -- >> assuming everything is okay. does the government have the right to tell a woman that that healthy child. >> i think it is between a doctor and the -- >> owe one back before the birth of the child. in light of the trial. >> wait a minute, do not confuse the trial with what's going on. >> one week before birth, you would support the right of a patient and a doctor to kill that baby? >> listen, sean, -- >> that's cold, that's callous.
9:38 pm
that is murder. >> no, no. >>. >> you are putting words in my mouth. do not confuse the child with what happened with that doctor, who is an important human being. >> one week before -- >> these are babies and they are entitled to constitutional protection. they are living, at times breathing. maybe they need some adisas soon as cause they are premature when they come out, but they are babies. they are living things. what is interesting in all the videos, they treat the babies like objects. something that is no more alive than the piece of paper aim holding or the pen. these are people and no one is standing up for their rights at then of the day. >> i'm pro-choice. i believe people have right to keep and bear arms, i'm pro-choice, i don't think parents should be forcing their kids into failed government schools. don't people have a lot of choices before they have sex, they get in the back seat of a car, go to a hotel, take off every article of clothing, one after another, they have sex and choose not to use birth control. >> or how about a child who
9:39 pm
chooses not to get raped by her father. >> that's a separate issue. >> you are pro life and you think the baby is -- >> rape and incest, because a woman -- a woman that was raped didn't have the choice. i'm saying women that chews to have sex and didn't use birth control made a lot of choices. >> if you think the baby is alive at the conception, why would you say he has a right to get abort the -- then you are not really pro-life. >> it's a choice. the only people who don't have a choice is the babies. >> what do you say in the case of rape and incest? >> i make an exception in the case of rape and incest. that's my personal view. >> i can't believe a week before a woman is due that you would allow other woman to kill that child. >> and i can't believe you are so hypocritical you think the baby is alive -- if you think the baby is alive at conception, but you have no problem of
9:40 pm
aborting it if it's a product of rape and incest. >> the difference is that woman had no choice. >> but the baby has no protection unyour scenario. >> you would have to do it within the first three months. >> people should be able tom could together and all of this call this an atrocity. we are talking about babies born alive. we are talking about a doctor saying if that baby is born alive, a i'm not going to do anything in my power -- that's illegal. >> barack obama vetted three times against the born alive protection act that would guarantee medical assistance to children who lived after botched abortion. >> which is why he is silent on these things. >> coming up, the mainstream media is blaming barack obama for the lack of african-american lawmakers in washington s that a fair assessment? and the controversy involving the ar-15 rifle. wait until you see this.
9:41 pm
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>> be elected the first african-american president, many thought there would be a boom in african-american lawmakers. but they are raising questions about whether he broke the proverbial glass ceilings for african-american politicians. the article points out, there has not been one african-american elected to the u.s. senate. several lawmakers have either lost races such as former d.c. mayor adrian fente and a congressman and arthur davis, while others have had their career end because of scandal like former congressman jesse jackson jr. and that's not all. the article essentially blames obama for the lack of african americans in d.c.
9:46 pm
how accurate is this some here is from the new york city rights commission michael meyers and -- >> america is a wonderful country. people have choices to make for whatever careers they want to pursue. with obama being re-elected, that means our society is a color-blind society. even with mr. scott from carolina, come on, this is about people making choices for what we want to do with their lives and careers. >> generally i agree but i don't agree we are yet in a color-blind society. let me finish my point -- >> why are you yelling at me? >> why we are not in a color-blind society is because of barack obama. he has race conscious policies. he has a messiah complex. it's a guy who engages ineth no
9:47 pm
centric politics and ego centric politics. he has the emphasis on i. it's all about obama. i'm surprised he doesn't have coat tails. with respect to blacks in government, there are plenty of blacks in government long before barack obama. remember the governor of virginia was was first governor. and the senator from massachusetts. and there are plenty of people who get elected to office without barack obama's help. but the real problem is why i disagree with deneen a bit, is barack obama has done nothing to break us out of this race conscious society. he refuses to break up these districts. >> it seems the people that are suffering most, the poor, middle class, minorities, they are suffering the most under his policies. doesn't seem to be brought up ever. >> right. media, look at politico, they didn't mention that and they didn't mention the fact there are over 30 black conservatives
9:48 pm
who ran for office in 2010 for congress. what about that? but we've come a long way in our society. i'm sitting here, and you allow michael meyers here for some reason -- >> i don't know. i don't know why he's a friend. >> it's liberty, it's about options and we have come a long way. you have politicians like representative john lewis who says we need more work to be done. we have not achieved dr. king's dream. come on, these individuals are very divisive with these comments. >> this is why i'm saying, i essentially agree with you if you listen to me. i'm saying we in the 21st century have racially gerrymandered election district. get the blacks to elect blacks. that's leading us into a blind alley, everything. everything should be based on skills and content but barack obama didn't get elected on couldn't tent or character, he got elected on race identity and he uses race when he wants to
9:49 pm
get ahead personally. he is the most divisive, polarizing, race conscious president i have no one in my life time. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up next, tonight on "hannity." katie will take us inside the gun control debate and along for the ride as she goes through an intensive self-defense course, intensive self-defense course, we are going to see how man: how did i get here? dumb luck?
9:50 pm
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>> yesterday senator joe mansion vowed to bring his gun legislation back to the senate floor but there's been one unexpected consequence of the gun control push, a lot more people are guying guns. in were 2.78 million background checks for firearms. that's the most of any month on record and the first three months of this year saw 7 million more. that's 50% higher than the same period last year. many of the new gun owners, they
9:54 pm
are women. in florida alone the number of women with concealed carry permits has jumped 619% the last five years. with ownership comes gun responsibility. before arming herself, fox news contributor katie went out to arizona for an intensive week-long firearms training course and we sent our cameras out to follow her around and see how she did. take a look. >> hi, sean, i'm at a gun academy in arizona. this is a state of the art training facility that sits on 2,000 acres of land. [gunshots] >> this is the largest privately-owned training facility in the world. we train a lot of law enforcement personnel, a lot of military special operations people and a tremendous amount of civilians. >> the instructors are all highly experience, most of them
9:55 pm
military police. >> hold the trigger back. get back on the site, get it where it needs to be. >> lean over to get maximum view. we see an tremendous increase in women these days. we've had over the last year and a half, two years, about a 700% increase in women. they want to learn about firearms. they want to learn to be safe. they want to learn to be able to resolve conflicts. >> i decided to come out here to the gun site because i think it's important for people to educate themselves in self-defense should they ever been put in a situation where they need to actually defend their life. [gunshots] >> here at gun site, they don't feet you how to shoot, they teach you how to fight. there are people electric all over the country, there are people are here from all over the world and they are all here to learn the basics of how to confront a situation rather than be a victim. >> i'm mother of five. my husband is a doctor, i'm a nurse. until about four years ago i had never shot a gun, even though i believe in the second amendment.
9:56 pm
but i was afraid of the gun. i think if you have guns in your house, the safety is knowing how to use them. >> we are learning safe gun handling, accuracy, manipulating and handling the gun in a safe man nor. we are talking about the responsibility of being a safe gun owner. >> what makes gun site different than other defense or shooting schools, they have simulators here to give you realistic situations of what you might face in your home and out in the real world. >> we have six different indoor live fire simulators. we have six different outdoor live-fire simulators. >> take the step, lean. eyes, multiple target. wherever my eyes are my muzzle is so everything is acting together. >> it's really cool training. you kind of have to think more about what your environment is doing, and it's actually a lot more realistic than you would think. >> your best bet is to lock
9:57 pm
yourself in a safe room, call the list, let them come and help you with your problem. a lot of people have floor plans where they have children inside the house or whatever so they may find themselves having to move from, say, their master bedroom to their children's bedroom. we are trying to give them ways to do that in the safest manner possible. >> come back here a little farther, you can stay behind this plane. >> they teach you how to move around corners in your room, how to assess threats in a proper way while not hurting people who are innocent or part of your family. >> we teach people how to work angles, safely work their way through door ways into other rooms. we have what we call shoot and no-shoot target. this guy you see here, he's kind of a little bit scary looking, a little intimidating and aggressive and has his hands up here. part of the exercise is they need to see what if anything somebody is holding in their hands before they make that
9:58 pm
decision to shoot. we don't go so much with good guy-bad guy because that's hard to tell as we do armed, unarmed people. >> the thing they teach you is you have to see their hands. what is their spent? if the hands don't have a gun pointed at you, then you don't touch the trigger. [gunshots] >> fire! >> gunshots] >> this is the ar15 rifle.
9:59 pm
i've been at training with this gun for a couple days. this gun has been at the center of controversy for months. we've heard the argument that it's not useful in self-defense cases. >> you do not need an assault weapon to defend yourself or your property. assault weapons have one purpose and one purpose only. to kill a large number of people really quick. >> the opposite is true. it's light weight, compact, very accurate and very good at stopping a violent threat. >> we take people through a crawl-walk-run approach where we start out in the classroom, we progress down to the range, we go to low instruction. >> fire! [gunshots] >> after you leave gun site, your first response will be, i knew this was going to happen and i'm ready for it.
10:00 pm
>> all right, don't mess with katie. that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. the news ntinues. greta is next to go on the record and we will see you hopefully back here tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news report. a possible new clue. female dna has been found on one of the bombs that killed three and maimed dozens more. there's lots of suspicion, there's no word on who's dna it is even if it meant a woman helped carry out the attacks. also fbi agents seen leaving the road island home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. the agents were there to collect a dna sample from katheryn russell tsarnaev. the sample will be analyzed along with the dna sample recovered from a bomb component. congressman beater king joins

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